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Ella Lee Forest
The quiet little neighborhood of Ella Lee Forest nestled in Houston, Texas

Email Group

Ella Lee Forest maintains an email group (via Google Groups) to provide rapid communication between residents.  By simply sending an email to this address it will be forwarded to all members of the group.

Joining the Group

Membership in our email group is only open to Ella Lee Forest residents!  

You have two options to join the group:

  1. Enter your email address in the Subscribe to Ella Lee Forest area to the right and click Subscribe.  

  1. Send an email to ellaleeforest+subscribe@googlegroups.com and include your ELF address.  You will be notified once your request to join the group has been approved.

You will be added as a member once you complete the confirmation process and the group moderator approves you.

Sending to the Group

If you are already a member and would like to send an email all the other group members, simply send an email to .  It will be forwarded to all group members.


Please read the following guidelines from the group moderator before participating in the email group.

The purpose of the email group is to provide almost instant communication between residents to alert one another to issues or emergencies within the neighborhood. It is not intended for chain messages, to advertise garage sales, solicitations, or personal classifieds.  Nor is it intended to advertise any commercial business or public event or to post a religious or political commentary.  It is not intended to be a platform for complaints or criticism of fellow residents.

Messages are subject to moderation by the manager of the group. This is intended to eliminate spam emails and is sometimes needed to avoid disputes that should not be publicized on the general network.

We ask that you always include your name and address when you initiate or respond to an email. Please be attentive to change the subject line to match the context of your email and, if appropriate, delete previous emails that might not pertain to your specific topic.

In addition to the above ELF guidelines please review the Google Groups Terms of Service for additional information.

Participation in the email group is governed by common sense and consideration of fellow ELF residents.

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