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Ella Lee Forest
The quiet little neighborhood of Ella Lee Forest nestled in Houston, Texas

Home Owners Association

Ella Lee Forest is governed by a Homeowners Association whose members work hard all year long to preserve the sanctity of our neighborhood. It is important to the HOA to maintain a high standard of living for all of the ELF residents.

Elected Leaders


Vaughn Mueller



Will & Rachel Moss


Larry Porterfield

Board Of Directors

Eloy Alderete

Jessica Carr

Jim Crain

Larry Porterfield

Past President

Advisors to the Board

Will Keitt

Jason Henry

Tim Middleton

Ryan Fuselier

Architectural Committee

Larry Porterfield


Kent Varner

Paul Heidbreder

Jim Crain

Tim Nabors


Kim Alderete

(Last Updated: February 2020)