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Ella Lee Forest
The quiet little neighborhood of Ella Lee Forest nestled in Houston, Texas


Below is a list of companies who have been individually recommended* by ELF residents. The next time you are looking for help on your project consider giving one of these companies a call. Reuse of reputable companies helps with the security of our neighborhood as we will have fewer unknown individuals coming into area.

Service Company Contact Phone Referred Date Referred By
Pet Control Loco Mosquito Chuck Coon 713-269-4024 2/18/2019 Kent Varnet
Pressure Washing High Pressure Cleaning Landon Hunt 281-707-4491 2/18/2019 Kent Varnet
A/C & Heating Reliable AC/Heating 713 956-7171 8/2/2014 Monika Kriechbaum
A/C & Heating Texas Pride Air Conditioning and Heating 713-864-0110 6/10/2013 Travis Jacobs
A/C & Heating American Comfort Solutions Robin 281-395-2222 8/2/2014 Arredondos
Computer Consulting & Repair Clerc Computer Consulting Donald Clerc 713-861-4183 (ELF resident)
Commercial Consulting & Repair Sacata LLC Cliff Salaun 281-846-8551 ELF Resident
Electrician John Kuenstle Electric John Kuenstle 832-425-2152 3/15/2010 Brady Holt
Fence Service Ace Fence Company 281-356-2496 3/1/2009 Kent Varner
General Contracting J. Austin Company Jim Brown 9/26/2011 Mark Griffith
Home Alarm Systems True Home Protection Brett MacAllister 832-216-6822 6/25/2012 John Ross
Home Alarm Systems Sembera Security 713-467-0000 6/25/2012 Jenny Leago
Housekeeping Natural & Steam House Cleaning Bernie Garcia 832-244-1994 12/3/2012 Mina McPhee
Lawn Care Miguel’s Landscaping Miguel 713-493-9827 3/1/2012 Holoubeks
Lawn Care David Resendez 832-566-2876 1/3/2011 Ken Varner
Lawn Care Thurman Thomas 281-995-0462 1/3/2011 Jim Crain
Lawn Care Margarito Gonzalez 832-277-0990 1/3/2011 Mina McPhee
Lawn Care Jose 281-398-5194 1/3/2011 Kevin Jurica
Painting/ carpentry JP Painting Julio Garza 832-435-4573 goodpaint2you@yahoo.com 3/1/2012 Holoubeks
Pet Sitter Juan Hernandez Garden Oaks resident 713-478-4577 10/1/2013 Travis Jacobs
Pet Sitter Karen Zorn Oak Forest resident 713-402-8335 http://petpalsofhouston.com/ 10/1/2013 Travis Jacobs
Plumbing Tom Pearce Tom Pearce 713-880-9678 7/1/2013 Cheryl Barta
Plumbing Retro Kevin Nunez 832-338-9201 6/13/2014 Travis Jacobs
Pressure Washing Ric Ball (832) 452-8901 6/14/2014 Gil Welch
REALTOR® Greenwood King Properties/The Heights David Tyrell (281)546-6708 3/23/2017 Self - Elf Resident
REALTOR® Cheryl Barta 713-412-5444 (ELF resident)
REALTOR® Texas Real Estate Broker Linda Ross 713-398-7612 (ELF resident)
Remodeling Guillermo Alvarado 713-572-5562 8/1/2013 Travis Jacobs
Security gates Affordable Automatic Gates Mario 832-483-1503 6/13/2014 Travis Jacobs
Tree Service Richter's Services Inc Steve Richter 713-682-LAWN 7/29/2011 Dana Muñoz
Tree Service Ranger Professional Tree Service Arnold Morell 713-690-8733 9/19/2014 Travis Jacobs
TV Repair Texas Electronics Sergio 832-272-4103 5/12/2014 Travis Jacobs
TV Repair David's TV Repair 713-868-1030 5/12/2014 Travis Jacobs
Window Replacement Custom Windows Sherwood Gregory 713-864-7747 1/9/2011 Brady Holt

* While the above list contains recommendations from our neighbors, no resident or the ELF HOA can guarantee any work you contract them to do. It is still up to you evaluate any company and decide on your own whether to use their services.